How to get my book printed and bound

Many people think about writing a book and seeing it in print on a bookshelf somewhere – whether that somewhere is in a book shop or library, or simply sat proudly on their own coffee table at home, it is now a relatively straightforward process to get your hard work onto a printed page by using an online book printing service.

How, though, do you go about it? What do you need to do to self-publish your work?

Here are the things you need to consider when starting your custom book printing process:

Select an online book printing company

Select a preferred online printing service provider and sign-in to their website – from there you can upload your PDF file containing your completed written work. Ensure that the PDF file is in the correct format and dimensions and use only 100% black ink.

Remember to allow space at the page edges for trimming and keep all the images and text within the boundary guidelines to prevent any loss of content.

The type of book you’re creating indicates the type of binding 

When it comes to book binding there a few different options and styles from which to choose. When you are self-publishing you need to consider the type of book you are producing – dependent upon the books content and category, you should select the most appropriate book binding finish you require – there are different specialised options for paperback or hardback books, the more ornate saddle-stitched binding or binding techniques such as ring, spiral or wire binding.

Define your book printing techniques

Before, however, you decide upon the preferred book binding and finish, you need to actually get the book printed! Again, there are different book printing options available to anybody self-publishing – firstly, decide upon whether you want your book to be printed as a paperback or hardback product.

From there you will need to define the size of the book you are publishing – normal choices would be between A4 or A5 with your preferred option of page format – which is better suited to the type of book you are printing – landscape or portrait?

Consider which paper options you would like to utilise – do you want full colour pages or black and white – which is better for the content of your book? Would your book look better with single or double-sided printed pages?

Choose your book cover format and finish options

If you have designed your own cover and had the appropriate artwork completed, then you can simply upload the finished design to your preferred online book printing company. If you need help or inspiration with your book cover design then you can access the online publishers design service – whichever option you choose, once your cover design is complete, select the desired finish – matte or gloss laminated.

Whether your book is to be a bestseller or is simply a diary, thesis or journal for yourself, self-publishing by utilising an online book printing company can deliver you a beautiful and professional printed work worthy of the hard work you have put into it!  

How many copies do you need?

Consider the number of copies you would like to produce – are you planning on taking the literary world by storm with your latest blockbuster and filling the shelves of bookshops far and wide – or is this a book for your close friends and family to own?


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