Coffee Table Book Printing

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Coffee Table Book Printing

For decades, coffee table books have been more than just reading material. They are visual and tactile experiences. They are also sometimes seen as a symbol of elevated status. But the real beauty of them is that they encourage the reader to immerse themselves in a theme, relive cherished memories, or be presented with the creative talents of the subject matter. The allure of beautifully crafted coffee table books remains as poignant as ever, making them a timeless medium for preserving and sharing stories or images.

Whether you’re an artist, photographer, traveler, historian, or someone with a passion for collecting memories, our coffee table book printing services can transform your vision into a beautiful centerpiece for any space. 

With our expertise and your creativity, we can help you explore the right format, layout, typography, and finishes. Whether you’re embarking on a personal project or seeking to publish and share your work with a broader audience, we’re here to guide you through the entire process, from concept to completion.

What To Consider With Coffee Table Book Printing

As with all types of book printing, there are some essential elements to consider for coffee table book printing. Below, we outline some book finishing techniques available, but before you come to make those decisions, we can outline some preliminary aspects to help you in the planning of your coffee table book printing project. 


We are sure that by now you will know what you want the subject matter of your coffee table book to be. But it’s really important to understand how your theme affects the desired output. 

For example, if you want to produce a small number of books, to share with a select audience, make sure that the theme is well communicated from the start and understand why you want it to be important to the reader. 

If your intention is to publish your book and retail it to a wider, more public audience, ensure that your theme differentiates itself clearly enough from other, perhaps similar themed books. 


Deciding on the content, how it unfolds and what order you present it in before you start to create it can help hugely. Having a predetermined sequence will keep you focused and stay on theme. 

Instead of losing your way and getting overwhelmed, without a clear direction, planning out the flow of your content initially can help you tackle bite size chunks and see more clearly how the content will appear to your readers. 

If you’re not an experienced writer, working with a professional editor or writer will be essential. They will help you communicate your message and story in a creative, immersive and succinct way.


Make no mistake, coffee table books are supposed to be large, eye-catching pieces. Reject any ideas of going small; you want your book to make an impact and this is more possible with a large book. 

We can help you decide which orientation will be most suitable for your book – whether landscape or portrait. The size and orientation of your book directly affects the experience of your reader. 


There are many elements of design within a coffee table book. Once you have written your content, you will be able to focus on which images and graphics work most effectively alongside this. 

Conversely, if the focal point of your coffee table book is the images, creating the written content after you have decided the order in which your images tell the best story will be more suitable. 

Either way, fitting the images and text together in an appealing and inspiring format may mean working with a dedicated designer. Choosing fonts, the size and colour of your text and how it is formatted is a specialist job and having an expert work alongside you will ensure you produce the most pleasing and unique work.

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