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At Print2Demand we understand the value of a printed catalogue. In today’s digital world, a physical brochure or catalogue can be overlooked as a meaningful marketing tool. Yet there is something intrinsically enticing about the experience of flipping through the pages of a well put together catalogue.

Enabling your customers the chance to leisurely leaf through a beautifully presented brochure means that you are providing them the opportunity of discovering items that wouldn’t necessarily be seen if they were scrolling through a website looking for a specific item.

Recent research shows that online marketing campaigns that also have a printed catalogue component running alongside them, yield a 125% increase on enquiries and a 49% increase in sales compared with online marketing campaigns alone.

How to produce your catalogue

With so many design ideas out there it can be hard to determine what style would most suit your brand and catalogue. At Print2Demand, we are specialists in book printing of all varieties and have a wealth of experience behind us. We have worked with many brands across the UK in producing striking and high quality brochures and catalogues. To assist you, below are some elements that are worth considering when assembling a catalogue.

  • Branding – this should be strong and noticeable – the first thing your customer sees!
  • Front page image – ideally something that is at the forefront of your campaign or a showstopper
  • Decide the number of pages you want to budget for your catalogue
  • Establish the collection you wish to showcase within the catalogue – ensure that all your products are synonymous with your campaign
  • Ensure you have good quality imaging of your products
  • Define your product features with well written copy and highlight the following: materials, USP’s, care instructions, dimensions where applicable and any safety precautions or certifications
  • Get your prices nailed down and include any details of discounts
  • Call to actions should be placed strategically throughout your catalogue
  • Research the style of binding options that would suit your brand most
  • Investigate the type of paper that would be appropriate for your brand and budget

Catalogue Production Finishing

Silk Paper – has a soft feel which can be considered more of a fabric than your traditional paper. It has a luxurious feel to touch. Silk paper produces a coating somewhere between a matte and glossy finish.

Gloss Paper – often considered prestigious and reflecting higher quality; it’s great for pieces with a lot of photographs or artwork. While it is ideal for photos and illustrations, if there is a extensive text in your brochure, it might not be fitting since a glossy stock can produce a glare that makes reading more difficult.

Uncoated Paper – this has a natural-looking, organic texture that reflects a low key, eco-friendly persona. It projects a message of attainability. Because there is no coating, there is also no glare – so this is definitely the best choice if your catalogue is heavy on text. 

Perfect binding – Pages and cover are glued together at the spine for a strong yet flexible finish. This is usually the most common option for catalogues with a higher page count.

Saddle stitch binding– Pages are gathered together one inside the other and stapled through the fold line. A popular choice for smaller specific campaign or product launch catalogues. 

Wire binding – A less common choice for catalogue binding but nonetheless a valuable option for many publications. Will open completely flat on a desk and are great for durability in workshops or showrooms.

In addition to your catalogue content, you will need to examine what styles of finishing are appropriate for your finalised book. We touched upon paper types and binding in the closing two bullets above and when you are selecting your printing services, these are components that you should expect to discuss. As a guide, below are some of the options that will be available to you as part of a conversation around print finishing.

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