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All self publishing authors tend to have questions about the layout and format of their files. Common issues revolve around page margins, bleeds and file types, so to ensure you’re on the right track we’ve created the above book templates for Microsoft Word. You can select and download the right template to fit your book size.

We aim to deliver the highest quality printed books and the first step of this is to ensure the source file perfect for each project. The quickest way to ensure this is to download one of our word templates and then insert your book or novel wording.


Our free templates only include basic cover pages but if you’d like advice on a more custom book cover design then speak to our team. Our ms word templates are ready made to the correct paper size and also include dedicated space for a title page and contents page. Page numbers can also easily be added using Word formatting tools.

If you can’t find what your looking for or still have questions around preparing your book files for print please don’t hesitate to contact our team. Our specialist book printing team can make sure your self published book is manufactured perfectly.

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Our dedicated team produce high quality books. Consequently they have a wealth of experience in the book production and publishing arena. We provide assistance to enable our publishers and authors to get on with the things they do best. Therefore taking the strain away from them.

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