Ebook Publishing Services

Print2Demand Ebook publishing services offers a best in class bespoke, powerful E- publishing package. With a world-beating distribution service built in. Therefore ensuring your titles benefit from the greatest exposure and the widest range of revenue streams available.

Print2Demand Ebook publishing services offers best-in-class conversion from source files created in MS Word, Adobe, InDesign or PDF. Furthermore we can create your EBook by scanning printed documents using our new state of the art OCR service.

Conversion from Microsoft Word to Kindle Ebook format. Coupled with distribution on over 4,000 Ebook stores. Including Amazon, Google, Barnes and Noble, Apple and many more. In addition our marketing services make it the best option for both gaining exposure and additional Ebook sales revenue.

Unique services include an active table of contents. An index for ease of navigation. In addition professionally written marketing text about your book. Key word creation for added sales. Ensures websites can find your book and recommend it to new readers, dedicated, bespoke author webpages. Especially relevant in store advertising campaigns.

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