Book Printing FAQs

There are many things a self-publishing author needs to consider; we have put together a few of the items that will help and guide you through the process.

1. Do I need an ISBN?

You only need an ISBN if you want to make your book available through the likes of Amazon or any other retail outlet. This number is unique to your title and follows it everywhere it goes.

2. Where can I buy an ISBN number?

You can purchase these from Print2Demand, or through Nielsen Book Data.

3. How do I add a barcode to my book?

A barcode is made up using your ISBN number, there is a website offering free barcode creation, please ensure you set it up to produce a 300dpi Jpeg before you start.

4. How do I set up my document to be correct before I begin?

Most authors use Microsoft Word to write their book. It is important to set the document size to be the size you want your books trim size to be. It is equally as important to set the margins top, bottom, left and right. This can save a lot of time and money further down the line. We suggest 15mm (1.5cm) all around as a guide.

5. What font and font size do I use?

The font used most of the time is Times New Roman, but there are so many nice fonts we do not restrict you. The font size used is normally 11pt but again we do not restrict this. We suggest typing a page of text, then change the font and font size and print off each to see which you prefer.

6. Which paper should I select?

We can supply you with a copy of our guide to book printing, which contains both print and paper samples. Most novels/poetry books tend to go on 80gsm Bookwove, a reference book would be an offset uncoated and children’s colour illustrated books on silk coated paper. However, this is not fixed, and you can select any paper of your choice.

7. How do I create my cover?

Our customer services team can supply a cover laydown guide, with the accurate spine measurement. This will again save you time and money if it is set up correctly. Before we can advise the spine width, we will need to know what paper you have chosen for the inner, as all papers bulk differently. This can save a lot of time and money further down the line.

8. Once I have created my PDF files how do I submit them?

You can either send them to us directly and we will manually process your order, or you can place the order online and upload your files that way. It’s entirely up to you and whichever you feel more comfortable with. If submitting manually we will need the full address for invoice, proof and final delivery. A daytime phone number is always helpful especially for our carriers.

9. How can I pay for my order?

We accept credit and debit card payments, bank transfers or cheques.

10. How long does the whole process take?

From submission of your files, loose printed proofs take 2-3 working days. Once approved we require 10 working days for a softback orders, and 15 working days for hardback orders.

11. How long does delivery take?

Our carriers deliver on a next working day service to most UK destinations.


We are an all round UK book manufacturing and printing service. We work closely with publishers, self publishers and authors. We have a state of the art factory, complemented by our sales and marketing office in Westoning, Bedfordshire. We have invested in the very latest digital and litho printing technology, to integrate with a fully equipped craftsman bindery.  The conclusion of which means we are offering both softback and hardback books, to a very high standard of quality.

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