What is perfect binding?

There are a lot of aspects beyond the actual content of a book, or other printed publication, when you are considering your printing requirements. The publication will need to be eye-catching, aesthetically attractive and have a professional finish and appearance. The way your publication is bound will go a long way to establishing that look – you will want your publication to have that initial impact as well as being durable and, importantly, affordable. 

The book binding technique favoured by many is perfect binding – perfect bound book printing is ideal for magazines and catalogues as well as paperback books – here are some reasons why you should consider this book binding method for your next printed publication:

How does perfect binding work?

This is a process used by bookmakers and printers to create a professional looking, clean and smart finished printed product. This crisp look is achieved by binding together groups of pages with a suitable adhesive – one or more sheets containing sets of pages are laid out so that once the sheets are folded, they combine to create groups of pages known as “signatures”.

These signatures are then stacked together with the edges automatically forming a ‘spine’ which is then roughened to a texture that is suitable for adhesion. Once the adhesive is applied to the spine, a cover can be wrapped around them and, once the adhesive has dried, three of the sides are trimmed to the required size to create the finished publication.   

Benefits of perfect binding

One of the biggest reasons for, and benefits of, using this perfect binding technique is that it is extremely cost effective in comparison to other hardcover binding methods – the process is very affordable and is suitable for relatively small print runs which means you can create a high quality finished printed product on a smaller budget.

The creation of the flat spine through this book binding method lends itself to printing on the spine itself – this is ideal for displaying the book title and author so that it is easily identified and located on a bookshelf in a store, library or at home.  

Versatile and durable binding

This perfect book binding method is extremely versatile – it is suitable for many different styles of printed publications from a thirty-two paged magazine, for example, right up to a catalogue containing several hundred pages. If, however, you are printing a publication where the combined pages form a spine of less than 4mm, you should consider an alternative book binding method such as saddle stitching – this is because a spine thickness of less than that width would not provide enough surface area for an adhesive to be an effective binding tool.

Perfect bound book printing will produce a cost effective and aesthetically pleasing, professional-looking printed publication very time!


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