Top Things That Can Help You Find Writing Inspiration

Whether you are nearly ready to publish and you’ve already started investigating digital book printing options, or you have just started writing for the first time and are still working on your first chapter – there is no deeper fear for a writer than that moment when the words just won’t come.

Yes, you’ve guessed the problem, the dreaded writer’s block. We all get it and it’s a hard thing to combat, but there are some actions you can take to help you keep on track with your writing, and to keep those words and ideas coming to you when you most need them.

Be in a comfortable environment

It may be that your surroundings and environment aren’t conducive to writing. People may find that their environment is too noisy, a pet, small children, or even a well meaning partner asking if you want a coffee, may interrupt your flow. Often though people have the opposite problem, their writing environment is too quiet, there is no bustle, no ‘human white noise’ to keep their brain ticking over or to provide random creative inspiration.

One of the recommendations to get that inspiration flowing is to use sound to keep your brain ticking along. For some it may be the sound of running water from a stream, others prefer music to soothe their soul – anything from Thrash metal to classical or jazz. As with most solutions in writing, it’s what works for you that is most important.

You can absorb inspiration from reading

If you thought you could be a good writer without being a good reader, think again! Whether you read other books, listen to other books, or absorb inspiration from television or films, you need to be able to pick up other influences to round out your work. It is almost impossible to write a good novel if you live in your own bubble with no access to other’s creative works. Even reading something you disagree with or dislike will have an effect on your writing.

Freewriting lets you write your thoughts and ideas

One of the best ways to keep yourself writing is freewriting. Free writing helps you to figure out what is going on in your brain and conditions you to keep writing even when you think you have nothing to say. If you can, freewriting by hand with pen and paper is much better than freewriting digitally.

There is something about the actual act of using pen and paper which makes us consider the senses as we write. Often freewriting practice will come out as a stream of consciousness text a series of thoughts and ideas that have come straight out of your head and onto the paper.

Try writing based on your own experiences

It’s very difficult if not impossible to write an effective story without experiencing life. Most of us would love to travel around the world to learn more about people and places and to have new influences for our writing, but the best writing often comes from authors who write their novels based on their own experiences.

The end goal

Many people write just for fun, but most have an ideal of creating their own novel for publication. The use of book printing services for self publication is often a great way to start with your first novel, many printers will offer digital book printing but the best way to self-publish is to list the experience of specialist book manufacturers who will be able to advise specifically on the best print style and format for your genre.

Many book manufacturers will also have in house graphic designers who may be able to help you with a professional book cover for your self published work.


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