Why Are School Yearbooks Important?

School yearbook printing has become more prevalent in recent years – once considered a feature of education across the Atlantic for our American cousins, the production of school yearbooks is now a common practice here. School yearbook printing requires much effort and funding but reaps many benefits for the school itself and its’ students and staff.

Here are some of the reasons why school yearbooks are important:

Yearbooks Establish Pride In Your School

School yearbooks are a physical record of its’ students and staff for any given year. These books promote, and demonstrate, a sense of both unity and pride in the establishment itself and the people that contribute to that school! School yearbooks will usually contain school colours, mottos and emblems or badges, and will act as lasting reminders to all who’ve attended of their time there!

Instill a Sense of Student Pride

School yearbooks will include many of the achievements of pupils both as individuals and groups – academic qualifications gained, sporting achievements and other community services and accomplishments. These yearbooks act as a permanent reminder of all these proud events and efforts. 

A Great Way to Encourage Social Interaction

The yearbooks provide the perfect tool for students to record their friendships and teachers – the act of getting their yearbooks signed by all the relevant people generates memorable and enjoyable social interaction that provides physical copies of memories for them for a lifetime! 

They Cement Memories and History

School yearbooks are physical and tangible copies of their school years – these are keepsakes for a lifetime! Life will, inevitably, take people in different directions when their education is over – these books can be used over the years to look back and fondly remember their schooldays and their friends and allow them to maintain some connection and alliance with their school.

Printed school yearbooks are historical documents – each one captures and illustrates the unique people and events in that school over that particular year!

Provides Interaction with Diverse Groups and Interests

The normal format for producing school yearbooks is by way of a formed committee – usually comprising of both students and staff. This sort of project provides a great vehicle for interaction and collaboration and offers a positive experience in many aspects for those involved – it can be an introduction to photography, potential professional writing, journalism and, perhaps, publishing, as well as providing valuable experience for future working environments with people from different ages and generations.  

When planning and printing your school yearbooks, it is an opportunity to produce something special, so make it look the part – hardback book printing can produce beautifully illustrated and bound tomes that will look great and last for years! These yearbooks act as much more than just a book – they are photograph albums, reference books and permanent reminders to all who own them of a significant period in their lives. Yearbook printing is more important than ever – they tell the story of a specific group of people over a specific time – no other group of people will have the exact same story, so these yearbooks are unique documents!     


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