Key advantages and when to choose hard book printing

In an era of electronic and online books, there is still a place for the traditional hardback book standing looking distinguished on a shelf in a lovely bookcase!

There are many styles of binding in which you can purchase books, but the hardcover bound volumes are the elite in the bookbinding world. 

Here is some information as to how the process of hardback book printing and binding works, along with some of the advantages and benefits of having your book finished in this manner:

Hardcover binding process

The process contains the following components:

  • Cover – Usually consists of cardboard and a gloss or matte laminated finish.
  • Endsheet – This is simply a white piece of paper glued to the inside cover of a book.
  • Hinge – This is the part of the book next to the spine that bends, allowing the book to open freely.
  • Flysheet – This is the blank page next to the endsheet.
  • Gutter – This is the space inside the page margins where the book is bound.

The covers are printed on a large sheet – big enough to cover the front, spine and back of the book – then laminated with the gloss or matte finish. The laminated covers are then attached to the cardboard – the interior pages are printed, cut and glued with a strong adhesive, creating the final product.

Key advantages of hardcover binding Advantages

Quality – A hardback bound book has a superior feel and quality to it – and stands out in many ways from other different available finishing options.  

Durability – A book that is hardcover bound is built to last! Books can stand on a shelf for long periods of time and, when selected, can then be subjected to regular or constant handling. A hardcover bound volume will withstand this treatment for a lot longer than any other binding option.

When to choose hardback binding

To be appropriate, or suitable, for hardback binding, then a book should have a minimum of 30 pages and this binding form can accommodate a volume of up to 400 pages. Certain types of books especially benefit from this versatile finish – books that people want to retain as reference books and keepsakes. Coffee table books that people want to display are a typical example, along with Yearbooks, children’s books and art books. This binding finish is ideal for printed professional books such as textbooks for the medical, legal, architectural or engineering professions.

This binding option is also appropriate for self-published books – it lends an air of quality, class and credibility by providing a unique and personal finish to the product.  

 Hardback bound books offer many desirable qualities

  • Long shelf life
  • Classy, professional appearance
  • Outstanding colour images
  • Pages protected from wear and tear
  • A customizable spine that will stand out prominently on a bookshelf
  • Laminated covers giving further protection and an enhanced appearance

When NOT to choose hardback binding

Some book types, or styles, of books do not lend themselves to this finish:

  • A book containing less than 30 pages
  • A work being printed on a limited budget
  • A book that may be subject to regular updating or change
  • Any work that may be disposed of after initial use
  • Books being sent by direct mail services
  • Books that need to be stored or used when perfectly flat

In summary, no matter what your book content is – fictional novel, biography, reference book – a book finished with a hardback cover will look distinguished and high quality, and will retain its’ appearance over a longer period of time, making hardback book printing and binding a great choice.   


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