Why and when to use A5 booklet printing

All of us, at some point, will have read an A5 booklet – probably without ever considering that’s what it is! It may have been a pamphlet, a catalogue, or a training manual at work – these are all typical examples of common A5 booklet printing.

Commercial booklet printing is a great printing vehicle for producing materials for promoting your business and its’ products and services – here are some reasons why you should consider A5 booklet printing for your business:

Catalogues are excellent for marketing 

Catalogues are great marketing vehicles – many of us have browsed through these booklets from retail stores to see their range of products. Custom booklets or catalogues can be compiled in a beautifully designed and printed booklet that is easy-to-read and a great showcase for your products or services that can be retained by your customers and referred to over and over.

Many businesses use promotional booklets

Your business – or your budget – may not stretch to producing a comprehensive, glossy catalogue, but you can still take advantage of commercial booklet printing by producing a smaller promotional booklet featuring just a selection of your products providing a ‘taster’ of your goods for potential customers. You can print A5 booklets with as many or as few leaves as you need!

When you need to produce some training manuals

A5 booklet printing is the ideal format for producing training manuals for your work or instruction manuals for your clients and customers. They offer enough space to contain all the important information, such as goals and objectives as well as specific step-by-step instruction to follow for the operation of a product or service. Printing custom booklets is a practical – and much cheaper – alternative to printing a standard book run!

Some other A5 booklet examples

A5 Booklet printing is the ideal size for Employee Handbooks, Activity or Logbooks, Health and Safety guides and educational documents for university or school. Your A5 booklet is big enough to showcase your products or information, but small enough to be portable and convenient for frequent use and reference.

Things to consider when it comes to your booklet design

The design of your booklet is key – you need it to be appealing and attractive enough for someone to want to pick it up and read it. You should have a cover design that catches the eye – and having attracted your customer, it needs to be easy to read and interesting or informative. You should make good use of relevant images along with your printed text. You should consider the quality of your A5 booklet – using ‘high-end’ materials for your paper and inks will add to the appeal of your booklet along with the appropriate choice of binding to complete the aesthetic appearance of your custom booklets.

In summary, A5 booklets are versatile, inexpensive, easy to distribute and durable – they are ideal marketing tools for your business at any conference or convention.


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