Why Booklets Are Essential For Events

If your company is showcasing your products and services at a corporate event, such as a business fayre or convention, then your display stand will have been designed and planned especially for the event. Some of the essential items required for your stand will be the printed materials you can distribute to your visitors and potential new customers. Amongst those printed marketing materials, it is always worth investing in colour booklet printing – printed booklets and brochures are ideal marketing items to highlight and showcase your products and services and convey a professional image of your business and brand. Printed booklets provide a way of viewing all your products and services, company information and all relevant contact details in one place – here are some reasons your business should consider booklet printing services for your next corporate marketing event:   


You can get a brochure or book printing quote from any established print company – booklet printing services do not have to prove expensive. The more copies of your brochures you order, the cheaper the individual unit price becomes – and if displaying at a business event you will want to ensure you have plenty of copies available for distribution. Any surplus copies from the event can be used in other forms of marketing campaigns your business may run, so there will never be any waste!     

Effective Marketing

Printed booklets are ideal marketing tools – a well-designed and quality printed brochure automatically conveys a professional and ‘high-end’ image of your brand. They can raise awareness of your business and generate an interest in the benefits of your products and services encouraging people to investigate further and learn more detail of your company’s offerings. This, in turn, can create a desire for your product resulting in people ordering from your brochure or visiting your business premises or website to make a purchase. A printed booklet or brochure automatically demands undivided attention from whomever accesses it – they invite the reader to sit and consider the content – something digital advertising on a screen cannot always achieve!  

Increase Product Knowledge

If people are attending your event stand, they are showing an interest in your product or service – a professional printed booklet or brochure is a great vehicle for giving them all the relevant information and benefits of these products. A printed brochure can be used to provide detailed information of your product as well an opportunity to show relevant images and further enhance the appeal of what your company is providing. 

Tangible Gift

If people take away a booklet from your stand at an event it is a physical reminder of your brand and the products and services it offers – it is a tangible item that they can refer back to on a regular basis – or pass on to someone else – thus acting as a constant reinforcement of your brand.  


The mainstay of any form of advertising for your products and services is highlighting, or showcasing, them – printed booklets and brochures at an event are a great way to boost your brand above competitors. Producing booklets of ‘non-standard’ size can often make your printed brochures stand out and attract attention. 

Lead Generation

Corporate business events are great opportunities to generate fresh leads for your business to follow-up – you can capture prospective customers contact details when they attend your display stand and use them in fresh marketing campaigns to generate new business as an existing contact as opposed to a ‘cold-call’ approach. 

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