How do I print my own comic book?

Whether you’re planning your first comic storyboard or considering a completed comic book printing and binding project, it’s good to be in touch with someone you can trust. We have the knowledge and experience to take your artwork and produce a printed comic that readers delight in picking up. Let’s take you through the process to producing a professional comic book. 

Pre-print considerations 

A good comic story must be written well to make sure it reads well together with a great story board. Once the script is finalised it can be formatted to create panels and pages that flow correctly as a concept book, using small thumbnail sketches. This takes time and experience, especially if the author has to work with a separate illustrator.  

Working closely with illustrators at this stage will be key to the vision of the comic, its style and ‘feel’. These days, digital illustrations are usually produced from the illustrations for final adjustments to be made and to present the copy in a single visual layout on the right page size and format. These decisions are finalised before the comic book can be printed. 

Size and Format 

Comics are available in a surprisingly large number of styles and sizes, so deciding what size and format of your project is important in comic book printing, and will also be dictated by your budget. Large format comics tend to be more expensive to print. A standard comic book size is 6.625” x 10.25” or 16.84 x 26.01 cm.  

Paper type 

Heavier paper types, available as uncoated for interior pages or glossy for cover pages, will provide a quality finish for collectable comics, but it is not always desirable. Lighter-weight pages for single issue comics is more common, although less durable. Talk to us about durability and wear, as we have extensive experience as adult and children’s book printing manufacturers. 

Binding and printing 

You might decide on a black and white printed book and colour covers, or a full colour print. For a more expensive quality product, choose a glue-bound comic book, but the prolific stapled book will suffice for most comics. Book printing and binding is our business – we can give you all the options for you to decide what is best for your project, and we’ll make the final checks to optimise the text and illustrations ready for printing. 

Comic creators, illustrators and publishers work tirelessly to create products for all to enjoy. We have been fortunate to be a part of this process and industry for many years, giving us the experience you need for all your book printing and binding needs. 

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