Why Choose Paperback Book Printing For Children’s Books

When you are writing and self-publishing a book, some of the aspects of the overall process you need to decide upon are the format, style, presentation, and finish of your work. Choosing the cover and binding of your book is an important consideration. You need to select the most appropriate, practical, and cost-effective finish for your print project. There are many different options for book printing, covers and finishes available and you need to consider which is the best option for your book genre. Novels are usually published at first with a hardback cover and then later released with paperback covers. Other book genres are also more suited to softer, paperback book printing. If you are producing a children’s book, here are some pointers as to what you need to consider:

Choosing Book Printing and Binding

Your choice of print, finish and binding depends very much upon the type and size of book you ae printing. No two print projects are the same and you should look for a finish that is the most appropriate and relevant for your publication. For example, a novel would warrant a different presentation and finish to, say, a cookbook or an instruction manual. Likewise, a poetry book might demand a different finish and binding to a children’s book.

Children’s Book Printing

When it comes to children’s book printing and binding, there are many considerations. Children’s books will, typically, have far fewer pages than other book genres. They contain a lesser word count and usually have more images than other book types. Given the target audience – children – it is also likely that the books may receive somewhat more ‘boisterous’ treatment than your standard thriller or novel! This may lead you to think that perhaps a more hardy and sturdy hardback book covering may be the appropriate choice. In reality, this isn’t really practical. Hardback book binding and covering is the more expensive option and, when you consider the treatment that the book may receive – perhaps food and drink spilt on it (though that’s not confined to children!), numerous people handling the book, it being carried around in school bags and passed amongst friends – then it doesn’t make much sense to spend copious amounts of money on a high-end, luxurious finish!

Paperback book printing and binding is a far more sensible, and prudent option for a children’s book. This cheaper finish and binding type allow for bigger print runs and more cost- effective book production. Paperback books are also generally smaller and lighter in weight. A distinct advantage if they are for young children as they are more portable and manageable to carry around.

 Ask The Expert

 It is advisable to speak with an established and recommended online book printing and publishing company – their knowledgeable staff will have all the relevant information on the different book printing and binding options and will advise you as to your best choice!

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