Hacks To Mimic A Professionally Finished Book

When it comes to publishing a book there are many factors to consider in regards to the final finished publication. And for those of you who are looking to self-publish your work, but want to maintain the professional published look, we’ve pulled together our top hacks to mimic a professionally finished book without the hefty price tag:

Consider The Spine details

In many cases the spine of the book is the first thing you audience will see, particularly, when displayed on the bookshelf. It is therefore important to include two key details; the title of the book and the author’s name. Without these details, the book is likely to be overlooked, and if it were a professionally published piece, it would not be allowed in bookshops! The orientation of these details also matters. It must run from top to bottom and not bottom to top. Every other book is listed in this way, so if you want to maintain a professional look, this is of utmost importance. And if you’re feeling extra special, you could look to include some kind of logo, be in your publishers, or your business logo.

Cover details To Take Into Account

Most people still judge a book by its cover so it’s important to look good whilst providing enough information to intrigue potential readers. As with the spine, you must include the title of the book and the author on the front cover. The back cover is just as important, if not more so, to provide enough information to draw the reader in. At bare minimum should include the cover copy, barcode and ISBN. The cover copy is the best way to provide a ‘sneak peek’ into your book, giving them a taste of what the book is about and is a great way to convince readers to buy. In addition, you might want to include a little bit about the author and book’s genre. And if you’re lucky to have one, a blurb or review from another author or significant figure is a great marketing asset, adding more esteem to your book.  

Always Include Front Matter

Now the cover has done its job, the next thing to consider if the front matter which comes at the beginning of any published book. You don’t simply dive straight into the story or main body of text. There is always a handful of pages to begin with called front matter, which is traditionally made up of a half title page, a full title page, a copyright page, dedication page, and a table of contents.  If you want to mimic a professional finished book, you really need to include these pages.

The Interior Formatting 

Now you’ve reached the main body of text, it is extremely important to follow these industry standard details. All professional books have justified margins, creating an even block of text all the way down the page with smooth edges on both sides. All pages should have a page number as well as header details. Header details can include the books title, the authors name, the chapter title or a combination of all three. Professionally published books are always a standard single spaced when it comes to line spacing. Not only is it the traditional choice, it’s also the most economical, taking up less pages overall. And you should be careful not to have any orphan words or lines on new pages. Where possible, you want to avoid a single line or word on a new page – it is a waste of a page and a bit of an eyesore aesthetically. Even if it means adding more context or a bit of reformatting, it’s worth doing to get that professional look.

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