How To Plan Your Order Of Service

There are certain events that require Order of Service booklets. Whilst very different in emotion and meaning, both funerals and weddings traditionally will feature Order of Service booklets to help inform and guide attendees at these events. These booklets act as keepsakes for many family members and friends when remembering the service and ceremony they have been privileged to attend, so they need to be designed and printed in the best quality to reflect the importance of these occasions. Here are some aspects to consider when planning your Order of Service printing for the relevant event:

The Front Cover

Funeral Service

The front page will greet the mourners and should clearly highlight the person the service represents. All essential information, such as dates of both birth and death, their full, legal name and the time and location of the service itself, should be featured, alongside a meaningful photograph and a short, but poignant, statement relevant to the person for whom the service is dedicated. 

Wedding Service

The front page should contain the basic, essential information. A photograph of the couple, the full names of the bride and groom along with the date, time, and location of the wedding ceremony.

Carefully Chosen Photographs

Funeral Service

The front cover of a Funeral Order of Service booklet should carry a photograph of the person being remembered. This is usually a picture featuring only that specific person, thus highlighting the focus of the ceremony. This is an opportunity for the family to choose an image that best represents the personality and character of their departed loved one. Whilst this may be a sad occasion, many will see it as a celebration of that person’s life as well as a respectful remembrance, so the photograph does not necessarily have to be a sombre or sad image – it can be an uplifting picture, an image that will make people smile when they see it in future times.

The closing page of the Order of Service should also feature a meaningful photograph. Something that portrays a different aspect than represented on the front cover. People often choose a picture of the departed in a group situation, with family or friends – usually from a happy or joyous occasion.

Wedding Service

This is a happy and uplifting occasion and the photographs featured in the booklet should be of the couple in celebratory situations and poses – people often use images from holidays taken together, or other special events. 

The Inside Content Pages

Funeral Service

The Order of Service booklet inside pages should contain the details of the ‘running order’ of the ceremony. The music being featured for the entrance, what pieces being played during the service, and the exit music from the service. The names of any readers and speakers at the ceremony, and the people contributing to the service in any capacity, the eulogy, the commendations, any group prayers, and hymns (if applicable) and any blessing and committal, should all be featured in the content.

Wedding Service

A wedding Order of Service booklet inside pages should feature the details and ‘running order’ of the ceremony itself. The entrance music, the marriage vows, and the ring exchange, along with the signing of the register. Some may include the words or lyrics of any readings or songs featured during the ceremony.

The Closing Page

Funeral Service

The closing page should feature the photographs mentioned earlier along with the thanks to those participating and attending the ceremony. It is in this section that you should mention any nominated charities for donations, if relevant, and to issue invitations to further ceremonies or receptions that are to be held following the service in honour of the beloved.  

Wedding Service

It is good etiquette to include on the back page a message of thanks for the guests’ attendance alongside special mentions for the best man, bridesmaids, groomsmen, ushers any anybody who has contributed to the day’s events and success. Here is where you may also mention the time and venue of any following reception.

Order Of Service Printing

Once you have decided upon your content and layout of Order of Service, it is recommended that you have them professionally printed. Decide how many copies of the booklets you require. Remember that there may be people unable to attend the service in person, but will receive a booklet, so ensure there are enough copies for both those attending and absent from the actual proceedings. An established online print company can provide affordable mass booklet printing along with a quality finish from the printed page materials to the most appropriate book binding techniques.  

Whether a funeral or wedding Order of Service, these booklets will act as a physical reminder of the event, and it is something people will keep and treasure for many years!  

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