When To Use Spiral Bound Book Printing

There are many available options for printing and binding available to those writing a book or producing a document. When it comes to your final printed work, you want to have a professional and practical finish that appeals to your prospective consumer. Many businesses use brochures and booklets as part of their advertising materials to market their products or services, and for company report printing. There are different book binding methods that can be employed to finish these business documents. Here are some aspects of one such option, spiral book binding, for you to consider:

Spiral Bound Book Binding

Also known as coil or wiro binding, Spiral Binding is a common method for joining the pages and cover of a printed bound document, achieved by feeding a metal spire or coil through pre-punched holes near the edges of the individual pages to form a spine. The coils used are usually metal or a durable plastic which firmly joins the pages to each other and the cover, whilst allowing the pages to open easily and freely. Whilst other binding methods for soft cover documents are often chosen (saddle-stitching and perfect binding) spiral binding offers some advantages that the other binding methods don’t have.

Practical Documents For Spiral Binding

A spiral bound book can be opened to 360 degrees, so can fold all the way back, but remain flat and easy to reference whilst occupying little space on a desk or table. When the pages are turned on a spiral bound document, they rotate freely and easily around the coil and remain open, so you can reference the page content without having to continually hold the page open to view the contents. These features make this form of document an ideal choice for cookbooks, instruction manuals, company report printing, sales presentations, and travel guides, amongst other printed material. Wall calendars are usually spiral bound because the flexible nature of the document allows the pages to flip easily against a flat wall. This form of binding is also ideal for any document that requires tab indexing. Page dividers and tabs are common features of reference documents such as company reports, and training or reference manuals as specific sections of the document can be easily identified and accessed.

Spiral binding is the often the best solution for documents of between 4 and 180 leaves – effectively 360 pages, if printed double-sided. An advantage to opting for spiral book binding is that it is more appropriate for short print production runs than other book binding methods. There are no adhesives, folded signatures nor extensive preparation required with spiral bound book printing.

Sizes And Materials

Spiral bound book binding is available in varying sizes and formats and can accommodate different types and quality of materials. Silk and gloss-finished papers are suitable, along with recyclable paper options, whilst the range of available coil sizes make binding for documents from A3 to A5 sizes feasible. So, any document from a small pocket guide to a large travel atlas dimension lend themselves to spiral bound book printing.

Consider Print Turnaround Time

An important consideration when deciding upon your binding format is how quickly you can get your document printed, bound and available to you. As there is little preparation required, spiral bound book binding offers a quick production turnaround option producing high-quality document finishes.

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