5 Ways To Make Your Booklet Printing Stand Out

When it comes to digital booklet printing, you have only seconds to create an impression that will engage with customers and entice them to keep looking. And with so many booklets out there, it can be a challenge to create something that stands out enough to encourage people to choose your booklet over others. If you want people to take notice of your booklet, and the contents inside, whether that’s products and services, information, or imagery; we’ve pulled together our top 5 ways to make your booklet printing stand out from the crowd!

  1. The format of your booklet can be a point of difference

Many people will opt for the standard A4 or A5 brochure. So, by choosing something unexpected, you create immediate intrigue. Depending on what you are promoting, you can opt for a square design; a landscape orientation, or a pocket-sized booklet; even a folded piece to produce something truly special. At Print2Demand, we offer a range of booklet sizes and if the size you are looking for isn’t listed, we can help with that too!

For something unique, why not consider presenting your booklet within its very own folder or presentation box! It will certainly stand out and encourage people to take a look inside!

  1. Paper stock is tactile and can create a memory

Booklets are tangible; something you can touch, feel and pass on. From that first touch, people know whether they are going to keep on reading. So, consider the stock you are using to truly achieve something worthwhile. Consider thicker stock for the cover and perhaps add some texture for a point of difference. Silk paper exudes indulgence and is more resistant to dirt, moisture and wear, giving your brochure duality of luxury and longevity.

  1. Take time to focus on the design

It can be so easy to over-complicate a booklet as there isn’t as much space as a full-scale brochure. However, anything too busy will put people off and confuse them with your offering. It’s best to keep things simple for people to easily understand the content and make the information pop off the page! But that doesn’t mean you can’t go a little crazy in places – just use moderation. Perhaps consider a die-cut design for your cover, to create intrigue and visual interest.

  1. Establish cohesiveness with images and colourways 

Once you have agreed your design, you need to give serious thought to colour and images. Less is more when it comes to both. Consider you colourways carefully and stick to a maximum of three colours throughout the design to ensure the content isn’t lost in colour. While less is still more with imagery, make sure the images you do use are of high quality – your images are there to create a positive impact, so if they aren’t doing their job properly, they need replacing or removing.

  1. Devise a pathway for your customer’s journey through the booklet

Every booklet has a beginning, middle and end. And whether the consumer makes it all the way through or not, you want to be sure you have created something that has a reason to keep turning the pages to get to the end! It might be worth adding tabs to your booklet to indicate the different sections so people can find the information they are looking for easily and are more likely to keep on reading.    

Choose Print2Demand

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