How To Wow With Your Presentation Booklet

When delivering a business presentation at a conference, corporate, or marketing event, the main aim is to get your audience to engage with your presentation information and have a positive effect upon them. One way to aid that outcome is to provide printed booklets to include your audience and reinforce your presentation content.

Here are some reasons to consider presentation booklet printing for your next event:  

Why Use Booklet Handouts

There are many reasons to issue your presentation audience with booklet handouts – firstly, they will help the audience to follow the information being presented to them, and the booklet will help reinforce the content. It is not likely that your audience will remember all the detail being presented to them and the booklet will act as both a guide during the presentation and a reminder of the information after the presentation is finished. This ‘dual delivery’ of the presentation content, via the presentation itself and the printed handout repetition will help reinforce both the information and your brand.

Presentation booklets are versatile and effective marketing materials – they are used across all areas of industry. Tech companies produce booklets to more simply explain their sometimes complex services, business arenas such as travel and hospitality use printed booklets to showcase their packages and services, whilst the retail industry produces booklet catalogues of their products for customers both instore and through delivery.

Booklet Design and Printing Tips

It is important in presentation booklet printing to use quality materials – booklets printed on high-grade, quality paper will present a professional and impressive perception of both your brand and its’ services and products. Handing out glossy booklets at a presentation will make far more of an impression than simple cards or flyers – and your audience are far more likely to retain the booklet for later reference than they would a flyer!

Booklets are the perfect vehicle to add supplementary detail and information to what is being conveyed through the presentation – they provide the platform for more detailed explanation of the salient points of the presentation and allow the opportunity to include additional information that there may not be time to include within the presentation itself. Full colour book printing also allows you to include more pictorial and visual materials to reinforce the presentation content.

Your presentation booklet printing should showcase your corporate brand, so include your company logo, colours, mission statement or brand ethos and synchronise all these elements with the visual presentation you are delivering, so that your audience will automatically connect the two.

Your presentation booklet, whilst acting as an aid to the presentation, should also be able to stand alone as an information document in itself – in this way, anybody who was unable to attend the presentation can still be issued with a meaningful and informative document of your presentation subject matter and content. Include relevant references and resources for the reader to enable them to further explore your companies’ services and products.

Presentation Audience Benefits

You can design and tailor your presentation booklet to help your audience better understand the information being delivered – make your booklet ‘interactive’! Your booklet could serve as a workbook – perhaps the audience can ‘fill-in’ or complete certain passages or lines within the text. This interaction ensures the audience are engaged with the content and will help reinforce the information being presented.

To make your presentation more engaging for your audience, and more memorable for them to refer to afterwards, then printed booklets are an ideal tool. They can contain a wealth of information and act as valuable keepsakes for those attending the presentation, reinforcing your brand every time they are referred to at later dates. Speaking with an established printing and book binding company about presentation book printing is always recommended – their experienced staff will be able to provide you with the important advice and guidance as to the design, layout, and print finish for your presentation booklets.  

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