Why Switch To Litho Printing?

Lithographic printing is a long-established process within the print industry invented way back in 1798, initially to provide a cheaper alternative to the existing copperplate engraving. Obviously, much progress has been made in that time with modern printing machinery and process providing quicker, cheaper, and better-quality print products. Within the mass of modern digital printing methods used today, there is still a big demand for the modern version of litho printing – here are some of the beneficial features of litho printing:


This print process is ideal for larger commercial print projects as it produces cost-effective and high-quality print products such as magazines, books, brochures, leaflets, and catalogues. As the initial set-up for a litho print project requires most of the time and cost, it is best suited for larger volume print, as the cost per unit decreases the higher the volume produced. This does not, however, exclude it from use for shorter print runs. For example, for custom book printing, it may appear a more costly option than a digital print process, but that depends upon the number of copies required. Whilst you may want a limited number of copies initially, if it proves popular and there is a demand for greater numbers to be produced, then a reprint will prove much more economical and can quickly be generated. Whilst slightly more onerous in initial cost and effort, the difference between a short run litho printing project and a digital run is not heavily restrictive – and may prove a real saving further down the line when more copies need to be produced!  


There are many advantages to using the litho printing process for your custom book printing. You can take advantage of a wide variety of paper weights and types with different sheet sizes covering a variety of different print requirements for your project. Litho printing provides consistent, high-quality finishes and caters for the application of additional print options such as spot colours and special finishes that help achieve an exact colour match. Other traditional print facilities such as foiling and stamping are supported within the litho printing process, helping you achieve the exact finish you require from your job.   


Some lithographic machines can print in excess 50,000 sheets per hour – allowing a quick production and potentially quicker ‘turnaround’ time for a print project – especially if it is a reprint or rerun job that has already been through an initial set-up process.


As well as being ideal for different paper types, the litho printing process lends itself to print on many other surfaces – providing the ‘target’ surface is smooth and practical, then litho printing can be applied. This provides the opportunity for businesses to produce something different and eye-catching – surfaces like leather, plastic, wood, cloth and even metal can be used to reproduce images through the litho print process.

This ability to produce amazing images lends itself to an ideal printing process for custom book printing projects that contain illustrations or photos. The benefits of litho printing are plain and simple – if you have print on demand books projects to produce, then the high-quality and potentially cost-effective litho print process may be the best way forward – speak with your online print provider for further detailed information and advice.

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