Why Use A Professional Book Printing Service?

Writing a book can be a major challenge alone, but if you are successful in doing so, there are other aspects to consider before you can see the fruits of your labour in print. Advancements in print technology have made this easier with many online book printing companies offering these services, but you still need to consider which book printing supplier is the best for you. Whether it is booklet printing services or manual printing you require, you will do well to source a book printing company that will help you with editing, proofreading, design, distribution and binding as well as the all-important printing itself! Here are some considerations for you when sourcing your book printing company:  

Book Printing Companies

There are many book-printing companies UK available to access, many of them offering full printing and binding services. Here are some of the services offered, and benefits of using a professional book printing supplier.

Think About Volume

One of your main considerations in getting your book printed is the number of copies you will need. If you only require a small number to distribute, most online book printing companies can produce short run printing in small batch numbers which will usually be a digital book printing service. If, however, you are planning a wider distribution in much larger numbers then you need to source a company that can handle that volume, Ensure you establish this at the outset to avoid having to possibly switch book printing suppliers to cater for larger volumes further down the line.

Turnaround Times

Most book printing companies can print and deliver in short timescales but confirm the process time before engaging with your book supplier. On the occasions that you may need copies printed and delivered at short notice, perhaps for an event, then ensure your chosen supplier can meet those demands.

Ongoing Support

One of the main reasons to opt for a professional book printing service is for the ongoing support they can offer. An established book printing service can offer you knowledge, expertise, and experience in all aspects of the process from initial book design to print and binding. Confirm with your chosen supplier that they have a support team and model in place to assist you in these matters either online or by phone.

Quality Should be Paramount

It seems an obvious aspect, but you will want to ensure that the quality of your finished books is what you want. Check out previous books printed by the supplier and check their website and social media platforms for recommendations and feedback on their previous work.

What Type of Book Design?

This can be an important factor, especially if this is your first book or book design is not your strength! You want your book to look good on a shelf or wherever you are making it available to buy, so it needs to be eye-catching to grab the attention of a potential buyer. Whether you are self publishing a children’s book or have a novel to print, not all book printing companies offer a design service so you should choose a supplier that will assist you in this. Many will offer you online templates for you to produce your own book design, whilst others will offer you their professional expertise and work with you to produce the book you want.   

A Variety of Bindings

There are many options when it comes to getting your book bound and this largely depends on the type of book you are writing. For example, a hardback novel will require different binding than a lightweight paperback which, in turn, requires a different binding method to a notebook or calendar. Consult with a professional book printing supplier to identify what is the best option for your book then source a print company that can deliver on that choice.

Choose Print2Demand 

If you’re considering self-publishing your own book, or need design help or print advice converting your PDF to a printed book, consider Print2Demand digital commercial book printing services.  We offer mass booklet printing services if you’re looking to print larger volumes as well as more hands on assistance with something like self publishing a children’s book

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