How To Handle Luxury Catalogue Production

When it comes to a luxury catalogue, there are certain things to consider; from the design and layout, to the choice of photography, to the weight and feel of the stock, right down to the chosen printing technique. All of these elements are essential in determining between a luxurious catalogue that exudes style and grabs attention, and a bog standard catalogue. We’ve taken a look at these important elements below to give you a better understanding of what you need to consider with luxury catalogue printing:

Design and Layout for Digital Book Printing

When it comes to luxury, less is most definitely more. The design and layout of your catalogue should be simple so the products speak for themselves, and are not overburdened with a heavy design. Consider the tone of your brand and the type of colours associated with it – then use them in your catalogue. Give thought to a handful of fonts or typefaces, and don’t be afraid to pair different style fonts together. Ensure your chosen fonts are not associated with other brands first and try to avoid common fonts where possible, as this will reduce the luxury feel.

When it comes to the layout, make sure you map out the sections clearly to take readers on a natural journey. You message needs to be clear and engaging for people to remain interested.

Crisp and Clean Visuals

Photography and images are the most important aspect of any luxury catalogue printing. They draw the reader in and make them inclined to find out more, and, where applicable, purchase products. High resolution images are a must! Low resolution images have a danger of being pixeled and blurry once printed, leaving a bad impression. Ensure products are in focus as a clear and crisp image will keep reader’s interest. Where possible use natural might and avoid using a flash, as this can cause unwanted reflections and wash out images.

Give thought to the composition of your photos to ensure backgrounds are clear to avoid distracting from the main product. If using models, be vigilant of any red eye and experiment with different angles to get the best visual of your premium products. Fill the frame of the photo with your product to ensure you are showing off all the features and details of your product.

High Quality Stock  

While design layout and visuals are important, you don’t want to fall at the last hurdle by choosing the wrong paper stock. An average stock can damage your overall look and feel of your catalogue and reduce your luxurious product to something pretty basic. High quality stock will enhance text and images and has a great impact on your brand image.

There are several stocks that have a more luxury feel and enhance the contrast of your images to make products look more premium. Silk coated paper, for example, has a low surface sheen and excellent ink to paper contrast; making colours appear brighter and more defined. Uncoated paper can also provide a luxurious feel, with a more tactile finish, making it nicer to touch. The imagery appears flatter, which is considered a more modern and on-trend choice.

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