What Types Of Book Is Commercial Book Printing Best For?

There are many forms of published materials available – different styles of book, magazine, and brochures appropriate for different marketplaces and audiences. Commercial book printing offers a range of services with regards to the design, print, and finish of the different types of books and publications – here are some of the most popular forms of printed book types for which high-quality printing solutions are available:  


Paperback books are probably the most commercially bought book type – they are cost-effective for mass printing and requested by publishers and book distributors who need multiple copies for nationwide demand and to keep the books affordable for public consumption. Softback books can be finished and bound in different ways.


These are more expensive editions of printed books – often also printed as paperbacks – hardcover books are usually printed in smaller numbers as first editions of a title, or as collector’s editions. They make excellent gifts or presents and are often prized keepsakes for people. Typically printed on demand, hardcover books can be produced either with or without dust covers and can be finished in a variety of binding methods.

Coffee Table Books

Many households will have on display in their lounge coffee table books – they are often bought purely for display purposes than for their readable content. More often than not they are over-sized and hardcovered containing bold, stylish and attractive visual images with minimal text to accompany them – these books are conversation-starters and showpieces to form part of a room décor more than for informative reading content.


Amongst the most popular printed materials are magazines – covering a plethora of different topics, occupations, hobbies, and interests, these specialised publications are in great demand. Commercial printing offers the best solutions for producing these versatile publications for a broad spectrum of readers.


Brochures are essentially a form of magazine or small books – used widely in industry and commercial environments they may typically contain information and/or images of specific products or services offered by corporate businesses. Used primarily for marketing and advertising purposes, these publications can be produced in different formats and sizes to best suit the company requirements and customer-base.


Again, mainly a corporate publication printed for marketing purposes – a catalogue is usually a high-quality, expensive-looking publication designed to highlight a company’s products and/or services. Catalogues are designed to portray a high-end business that showcases their products in the best possible light and values the customers and clients to whom they despatch the publications – a well-designed and printed catalogue can give the impression of a quality service from a quality business!  

Comic Books

One of the fast-growing forms of printed publication is the comic book – comic book printing is the perfect blend of imagery and text. There are many genres of the comic book including sci-fi, fantasy, and kids’ comic books – commercial comic book printing can bring these stories, characters, and worlds to life in vibrant colour and pictures.       


There are many educational publications that benefit from quality commercial book printing – text books are still vital tools in schools, colleges, and universities despite the rising popularity of online digital learning. Reports show that the tactile interaction a student obtains from consulting a text-book aids information retention. Students, academics, and established scholars alike put a tremendous amount of time, effort, and enterprise into producing a thesis or dissertation – having worked so hard on these, the works deserve to be presented and published in an appropriate manner – commercial book printing offers the opportunity for a high-quality and professional presentation that reflects their importance.

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