What Is Perfect Bound Book Printing?

Amongst the many different forms of binding finishes for printed publications and materials, one of the most popular and commonly used is the perfect bound method. Books, booklets, and brochures all lend themselves to this binding method – printed materials can be produced and finished in different sizes, formats and with different covers using this binding option. Here are some aspects of perfect bound printing for you to consider:

Perfect Binding

Perfect binding is a process used by printers in which both the pages and the cover are glued together with a strong, yet flexible thermal glue. The adhesive is used to bind together individual sheets of print to form a set, or ‘signature’, of folded sheets together. These ‘signatures’ are then stacked, and the edges are scuffed, or roughened, to provide a suitable surface to apply the clean adhesive thus forming the spine of the book around which a cover is wrapped. Once the glue has dried, the other three sides are trimmed to give them ‘perfect’ edges and create the finished book or publication. Many soft-cover books you see on shelves in bookstores or libraries will be ‘perfect bound’ – they will have a square printed spine, of cardstock or heavy paper material, and is often ‘clear-coated’ to provide durability and a more professional aesthetic appearance. Perfect binding is an ideal process for many forms of publication, especially books, magazines, or multi-paged catalogues.


There are many benefits to the perfect bound method – it provides a professional appearance with a clean, smooth, and stylish finish that suggests quality. Perfect bound books are easy to display – publications constructed with perfect binding have a spine wide enough to print on and can therefore display the publication name and author, keeping your title boldly prominent when the publication is on a shelf or table. Perfect binding is cost effective and affordable – as opposed to some other binding techniques, perfect binding is suitable for relatively small print runs which allows for high quality printing on a smaller budget and print on-demand runs!

Practical Uses – Perfect binding is ideal, not just for book printing, but for other more ‘informal’ printed vehicles – it is ideal for Company Reportsproviding annual reports for shareholders and staff in a booklet displaying that corporate, professional image you need. Training Manuals lend themselves to perfect binding, again offering that ‘corporate formality’ you want to convey with your manual. Product Catalogues and Calendars are ideal marketing items for your business – corporately branded publications like these are perfect to send to your customers displaying your products in a smart, professional manner and reinforcing your brand image, whilst Instruction Brochures or Manuals, such as recipe books or DIY booklets – items that may be handled frequently by different people – then the hardy quality of the strong perfect binding is ideal for these publications.

Perfect bound books and brochures, when produced with high-quality paper types, are guaranteed to catch the initial attention and then hold the interest of readers from cover to cover.


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