Practical uses for small booklet printing

There are certain book projects that require smaller booklet printing; creating a booklet that is smaller in width and height than the standard booklet design.

Smaller binding is sometimes required too. These types of booklets are usually referred to as mini books, and are actually more common than you might think.

If you’re considering your next booklet print and are unsure of size, we’ve pulled together some practical reasons and uses for choosing small booklet printing:

Small booklets are lighter and more portable

If you’re planning for your book to be used when out and about, a smaller booklet design is preferable. Full-size books can be awkward and weighty to carry when travelling, sightseeing or even hiking or cycling, so creating something more pocket-sized is ideal!

You’ll be amazed at home much essential information you can cram into a smaller space.

Small booklets are easier to grab and go

As above, some books are needed to obtain information quickly and effectively. If you’re looking to use the book frequently you may want something you can pop in your bag or pocket to easy access. Examples of this could be a quick guide, how to, or reference book; such as a First Aid book containing emergency procedures.

Small booklets are perfect for giveaways

Promotional booklets are a great way to give people key information in bite-sized form. These are particularly good for medical, legal, financial, informative, and even clerical booklets. By creating something lighter and more portable, they are more likely to be kept by the recipient, and even read! This also makes them the ideal choice for posting out to potential customers.

Small booklets are ideal for more information

When you buy a new piece of technology, furniture or houseware product, more often than not, you need instructions on how to set it up, or build it, and you may even require safety information too. Particularly with technological items, these are getting smaller and smaller, so the information booklets that go inside need to be compact too!

Small booklets don’t mean limited use

This doesn’t mean small booklet printing is limited – it simply means you can use it to showcase promotional items that might only have a short shelf life. Therefore, there’s no reason to invest in a full-size book, as reducing the dimensions and/or thickness will reduce the overall cost; ideal for coupons, programs, events calendars, and even puzzle books.

At print2demand, we offer small booklet printing options, from a5 booklets, to Demy to Bespoke. If you’re in the market for a small booklet design, we would be happy to help!


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