How To Make An Informational Booklet

Amongst the many marketing vehicles used by businesses is the printed booklet or brochure – these informational booklets are highly effective in highlighting your business and its’ products and services.

To make the most of this advertising tool though, you need to know what to include and how to lay out your printed booklet – here is a brief guide on how to create an effective booklet design and aspects you should consider for your booklet printing:

Consider your booklet content carefully

You should always have a definitive plan of what your informational booklet should contain. Your booklet needs to have a title that will immediately grab the attention of potential readers – keep it short (less than 70 characters) but clear in its’ message of what the booklet is about.

Following the title, which has garnered the reader’s attention, you need to provide a short summary of the booklet’s content – just a couple of sentences will suffice.

This should be followed by the informational content itself – keep the paragraphs short and present the key information in a bullet-point format rather than as a continuous passage. People’s attention span is not always that long, so ensure you convey your information concisely and succinctly. It is a good idea to intersperse your informational content with some eye-catching images – blocks of text can appear dull so appropriate and meaningful images will break-up the text and retain the reader’s attention.

Include in your narrative a ‘call to action’ – you are asking people to engage with your business and to do something, such as buy your product or visit your premises or website, so ensure this message is clearly conveyed. If you are asking people to visit your company then ensure that all the relevant contact information is available to them, along with any relevant information on your company itself – your address, website, phone number and direct access to any social media platforms used by your business.

An attractive booklet layout

As stated earlier, the look of your booklet needs to initially attract people, so your booklet design and layout needs to be eye-catching and engaging. This is important as regardless of your booklet content, if you can’t get people to read it in the first place it is meaningless! Include in your booklet design –

Keep your front page tempting

Your front page should contain the booklet title, the summary of the content, engaging imagery and any company brand, logo, or message. Keep the content of the title page brief and relevant – a front page that is too ‘busy’ will deter people from picking up the booklet. The front page should entice people to want to open the booklet to find out more about its’ content.

Internal pages to convey your message

Use subheadings to break-up the text and keep the paragraphs short. When using images, it is good to surround them with text – this engages your readers and gives your booklet a more professional appearance. It is better to use more pages in your booklet than to overcrowd a smaller number of pages – your content and design should reinforce your messages repeatedly without using long blocks of ‘wordy’ content.

Margins and fonts are important too

You need to consider the actual booklet printing process – don’t run your text too close to the edges of your page as some content may be lost in printing and can make your pages appear overcrowded. Use fonts that are familiar and classic – whilst there may be a temptation to employ more ‘fancy’ fonts, remember that your booklet needs to be easy to read and look professional.

Use colours to portray your brand

Consider the use of colour in your booklet design – colours are a great tool for attracting people’s attention and to highlight specific points or to direct the reader to important passages of information. If your business brand uses specific colours in its’ marketing materials, then include them in your booklet – it helps to reinforce your brand image with the readers.

Following these guidelines will help you to design and produce an informational booklet that will engage its’ readers and effectively convey your intended message and information.


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