Technical Issues When Printing Your Own Book

Printing your own book is always exciting – but it can sometimes also be challenging, especially when things don’t go to plan! There are some common ‘set-backs’ and problems that can occur, but being prepared for them will make the whole self-publishing process easier and less frustrating. Here are some tips on solving basic technical issues:

The Right Technology

As with almost anything technical if you are having problems, the first thing to establish is whether or not you are using or accessing the right technology! Working with an experienced print company you should be accessing the latest and best printing equipment to produce your book to the highest standard. Issues often encountered will be misaligned pages, print quality defects and registration errors. An effective print inspection system should be able to identify, and rectify, these problems easily and quickly. When self-publishing your work you should research and identify a recognised inspection program that is easy to use.

File Types

Most book printing services will ask you to submit your work in a specific format – usually PDF or EPS – so ensure that your files are correctly formatted before submitting them. There are many online resources to access that will check your file formats. If you need assistance then your print company can almost certainly advise and help. Once you are confident in your file format, it is important to test them to ensure that they print correctly and accurately – try printing a few pages on your home printer before submitting the full file to your book printing service.

Check Print Settings

Sometimes technical issues can occur purely and simply because the wrong print settings have been selected. For example, your paper setting may be aligned for matte finish but, when printed on a glossy paper looks dull and faded. Check all print settings before authorising the final print run. If you are unsure as to which settings to choose then consult your printing company who will offer you professional guidance. Especially check aspects such as colour profiles, which are often the cause of frustration with colours that don’t match once printed.

Printing Books – Production Planning

If you want to print your own book then it is best to involve yourself in the production planning process. This way you can ensure that your book will be produced and printed exactly as you want it to be. Involving yourself in the production planning will also allow you to identify any potential problem early on and therefore be able to fix them at outset before going to press. Early identification – and therefore resolution – of any errors can save both time and money in the long run. When printing books, if you are self-publishing it is important to involve yourself and take an active role in the printing production process to ensure your finished book is exactly how you want it.

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