How to self publish a children’s book

If you are considering self publishing a children’s book there are lots of aspects you need to plan from the writing of your book right through to book printing. Our step by step article is a great guide to children’s book printing – from conception to publication and beyond.

Plan your children’s book story

When considering young adults’ fiction you may find it easier to follow a guide to writing a novel as youth fiction follows a much more similar format to adult fiction than children’s fiction.

The first thing you will want to consider is the overall concept of your story. Where is the story set? Is it somewhere that will be recognisable to children or will you have to set the scene?

Make some general notes on the setting and the length of your story – a basic sketch of a story is ideal for this stage.

Create characters that are fun and interesting

Characters are always important when it comes to writing any type of fiction. In children’s fiction it’s imperative that a child will be able to identify with the main character and that the main character is fun, colourful, and interesting.

You may want to consider choosing an animal that fits your character’s personality. If not an animal – another unusual being – for example, perhaps a robot or an alien if your story is set in the future?

Make a quick character profile of your main character. Where do they live? What do they do on a daily basis? What do they like to eat? Who do they live with? Do they have any family or friends?

At this point you can start to sketch out any other characters that are part of your main storyline. Again, it’s important to note their likes and dislikes or any other quirks that personalise that character.

Include a key message or moral to your story

From Aesop’s Fables to Grimm’s Fairy Tales Almost every book for small children has a message or moral. Have you already got a message in mind? Note down the message that you wish to communicate and the answer or resolution.

Is your main character struggling to be brave facing a hardship? Are they moving schools? Making new friends? Remember the message should be something that is likely to affect children directly so they can understand the message of your book.

Illustrations are so important in children’s fiction

Whether you’re an adult or a child the cover of your book is all so important in drawing people to your story. When it comes to children’s fiction however, illustrations become much, much more important.

If you can illustrate yourself – that’s great! If you will struggle to do quality illustrations it’s worth checking out if you have any talented family or friends that can help you. If you don’t have anyone that will be able to help – you will need to employ an illustrator or designer to help you. Some book printing companies will be able to advise you on talented illustrators they know or trusted websites previous customers have used.

Self publishing using an on demand book printer

These days it is much easier to find a book printing company that will print on demand meaning that you can do a smaller run of your book to start with and order more books at short notice should you find demand for your book is higher than you initially expected.

You will find that most online book printing companies will offer a range of format and finish options meaning you can present your book in a way that will delight and inspire children.

Many children’s book printing companies will be able to offer you specific practical advice should you be unsure of the best decision to take when it comes to self publishing your book.

Plan your marketing strategy

Marketing your children’s book is an important part of making your creation a success. It’s time to get creative.

Look for local book shops and see if, as well as stocking your book, they will consider a book launch event. The same goes for local children’s attractions – be creative with your event – making it something children want to attend! Speak to the local and national press – research publications that do book reviews and send them a copy.

Consider your online marketing. Do you have a Facebook page for your character? Could you create a website that features games and activities involving your character?

Most importantly make sure that your target audience know where they can buy your book. If they don’t know where to find it and how they can access it – how will they buy it?


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