5 Reasons To Choose Bespoke Book Printing

In these days of internet domination and the rise of reading tools such as Kindles and tablets, you may be forgiven in thinking that book printing has become a thing of the past! You would, however, be very much mistaken – studies show that even today eight out of ten books are read in physical copy form! Whilst many people download eBooks and listen to audiobooks, reading of physical, printed copies is still the favoured medium overall – there are, of course, opportunities and facilities now to self-print, or go to a print-on-demand option, but there is still a strong case to go down the bespoke book printing and binding route. Here are some reasons to consider using bespoke book printing for your written works:


There is no reason to print huge quantities of copies initially which could, potentially, lead to excess stock and unsold copies, all of which you have paid for upfront – you should wait to test and understand your book sale’s potential from an initial smaller print run and, from there, you can initiate further print runs as necessary. If you identify a ‘target audience’, and just print to those expected levels initially, your chosen print company can, when the market is more proven for your book, scale-up immediately and produce a quick turnaround for additional copies. An established print company will be happy to provide you with book printing quotes for all aspects of the print process. 

Brand Reinforcement

A professional bespoke book printing company can produce a finished product of the highest quality – they will have the latest printing technology and materials to print your book to the best appearance and most appealing to your potential market. If your book looks like it has come from a top publishing house, then the appeal of your book will be far greater on book shop shelves, establishing your name as an author of quality and importance. Bespoke book printing provides you with all the advantages a publishing house offers their authors (almost certainly at inflated prices), such as embossed book covers, quality paper stock choices, trim dimensions and the all-important binding and finishing looks – but at much more affordable prices.

Higher Sales

Going down the print-on-demand route can sometimes cause a ‘bottleneck’ of copies if sales are unexpectedly higher or quicker – and this can result in delays and frustrations for potential customers and therefore lost sales! A professional print company will be prepared to immediately scale-up to print enough copies to meet demand as it occurs which will help achieve higher sales overall.

Binding Choices

Depending upon the nature and size of your book there are many different options for finishes and binding your work – a print company can offer all available choices. Hardcover books – also referred to as ‘case bound’ books – will always make a good impression and appear high-quality, whereas paperback books – also referred to as ‘perfect bound’ books – are the most popular option and cost less per copy than other types of books. Other binding options include SPIRAL binding, often chosen for cookery books or manuals because they are easy to keep open on a specific page whilst you follow the instructions, or WIRE-O binding, which is similar to Spiral binding, but has a different look which makes it stand out – some may select this for its unique appearance.


If you want to compete with established, traditional publishers you will need your book to have a high-quality finish – having your book professionally printed will achieve that look! Whether you are a first-time author or an established writer, choosing bespoke book printing is the best way to get your work published, printed and into the marketplaces to achieve your desired sales.

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