Why is A4 booklet printing the right choice for you?

There are many things to consider when choosing the right size for your booklet print. You want to make sure you have ample space to showcase your products and/or services, as well as any and all information. With A4 booklet printing, you have a design space of 210 x 297mm; giving you plenty of space to shine. So, what makes A4 booklet printing the right choice for you and your publication? Let’s take a look:

The perfect choice for promotional materials

A4 booklet printing is the perfect size for promotional materials as it offers a sufficient space to showcase designs and text clearly and effectively. Visuals are large enough to be seen at a close distance, encouraging potential customers to pick up a booklet and peruse. The standard size of A4 also allows easy of transport for many customers as they can easily fit it into their bags or luggage for future reading.

It’s the cost-effective choice

Whilst the standard size is ample to reflect design and content, and easy to carry; the standard size is also much more cost effective than a bespoke booklet size. This is because A4 booklet printing ensures less wastage of paper. This means you will always get more booklets for your buck and is therefore ideal when mass booklet printing is required. 

The choice of binding allows for greater impact

By choosing stapled binding, you can incorporate a design on the centre spread that increases the overall size to A3 size when opened flat. This means your designs can work within these parameters to get an even greater creative and information. Of course, it’s not always necessary, but by having a stapled-back A4 booklet, you can ensure you are maximising your design options even more! There is a maximum number of pages for this binding option – so bear this in mind when choosing the right binding option for you.

Wiro-binding can have a similar effect on multiple pages, but it does require space and consideration for the holes – so bear this is mind also.

Choose Print2Demand 

If you’re considering A4 booklet printing, or need design help or print advice converting your PDF to a printed book, consider Print2Demand digital commercial book printing services.  

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