Which Size Catalogue Printing Is Best?

One of the most popular trends in print marketing is catalogue printing – whilst the digital marketing arena has offered different formats and opportunities in advertising, the physical printed image still carries a strong marketing impact. Catalogue printing produces strong returns in responses and business generated – here are some details on the most used formats, sizes and benefits of catalogue or booklet printing: 

Types Of Catalogue

There are different forms of catalogues that have proved popular over time – perhaps the most recognisable of these is the clothing or fashion catalogue. Fashion catalogues are published by many clothing designers and manufacturers as well as high street clothing retail brands – they are used to advertise new collections, upcoming products and often sales. International brands have successfully used catalogue printing to promote their brand and products – furniture stores are a typical example of retail businesses that utilise this marketing – catalogues allow you to present complete collections that will illustrate to potential customers how a complete room or space can look with many different products from the same store or brand. Away from high street retail, the catalogue format has been used in industry for businesses to showcase their products – a printed catalogue is a great vehicle to present complementary products aimed at specific markets.   

Standard Catalogue Sizes

The most popular size used in catalogue printing is A4 (8.3 X 11 inches) – this A4 booklet printing size provides ample space for designers to fill your catalogue with meaningful images and details of the products.   

The smaller A5 (5.8 X 8.3 inches) catalogue is ideal for providing a quick overview of products and services – this size is often used in more modern booklets that use large, single-page images to highlight one specific item. This A5 booklet printing makes great quick-reference booklets for clients and customers. 

These catalogues can be produced as mass booklet printing in different formats – portrait, landscape or square booklets can be produced to suit any marketplace and business. Most print suppliers can produce custom-sized catalogues in addition to the more popular standard sizes.   

Catalogue Tips

Catalogues are great marketing vehicles for ‘creating a story’ or presenting a completed image for customers – a home furnishings catalogue can provide vivid images of what a room can look like containing many different elements from the wall and floor coverings, to furniture to the ‘softer’ room dressings such as lamps, pictures and ornaments allowing a customer to visualise their own room at home looking like the professional image displayed. These images can present ideas for complementary items, all available from the one source, to give the customer the complete look they want for their home, so can be highlighting a myriad of different products all in one image! 

Mass booklet printing can be distributed to customers through different sources – by direct mail, or available to pick-up in store and study at home as well as being great ‘hand-outs’ at business events or conferences. They can contain promotional incentives exclusive to the catalogue that will encourage people to order direct from the booklet. 

Print Quality

Whether your business requires A4 or A5 booklet or catalogue printing, or a customised size and format, ensure your print supplier will use quality materials when ordering your mass booklet printing – you want your catalogue to have a high-end, professional finish with bright, vivid images that portray your company and its products in the best light! A catalogue printed on poor quality paper or with substandard inks may save money upfront but will not represent your business in the image your want – quality full colour inks on high-end gloss paper and finished with a quality coating will produce a professional and attractive catalogue that will impress all customers.

Choose Print2Demand

Choosing and optimising your catalogue format is a complex process. So, if you’re considering producing a standard or custom catalogue, consider Print2Demand.

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