Using Microsoft Word for your books creation

When using Microsoft Word there are a few things to consider before typing the manuscript. Firstly its very important to set up the page size in the document, to that which you want the finished book to be. This will save a lot of extra work further down the line. Secondly ensure the page margins are correct, we usually say 15mm (1.5cm) to be safe, but thats not to say you cannot use your own desired margins.

Choosing the right font and font size is impostant too, the most commonly used font size is 11pt and font Times New Roman. Personally there are so many nice fonts available its worth typing a few sentences on a document and changing them to different fonts and printing them out to see what you think works best for you.

By getting all of this correct before you start, will mean at the end when you save the file to a PDF, it will be print ready and exactly as you want it to be for printing and publishing.

If you require any advice on how to preform any of the above, please feel free to call Dale Burgess on 01525 621754.