Top self publishing mistakes to avoid

More and more independent authors now choose to self-publish their work rather use the more traditional printing and distribution channels previously so popular. If you are one of these writers, then you will undoubtedly want your finished work to be printed and distributed to the highest quality – there are, however, many potential pitfalls to self-publishing.

If you are intent on self-publishing then, to ensure that your valuable work gets the professional release it undoubtedly deserves, here are some aspects to the process to avoid at all costs: 

Don’t skimp on the editing

One of the most important aspects of book self-publishing is the editing. A professional edit of your finished work will be a more than sound investment! If your book contains basic errors in grammar, spelling or structure then, as soon as the first error is spotted by a reader, it will raise doubts in their mind as to the professionalism – and therefore the quality – of the book they’ve started. Errors two and three will kill it dead and people will simply stop reading!

Don’t design your own book cover

As with editing, it is all about professional presentation. You may have poured your heart and soul into writing your book – and it may be great – but being a good writer doesn’t make you a good cover designer!

Horses for courses – ensure you get the cover that your book deserves – professional, appropriate and eye-catching – and use a professional cover designer. Book cover design is a separate art from writing, especially if producing colour book printing – and the importance of your book cover shouldn’t be underestimated. As with most things in life, first impressions count – and especially so in the very competitive online marketplace in which you are trying to sell your book. 

Short-selling your meta data

Metadata – not a commonly-use word, but if you’re self-publishing a book you’ll know what it entails. It includes your book description, title, genre, your own bio and other relevant information about the book that you are using to entice readers to pick up your tome as opposed to offerings from anyone else.

If people see your book online, when they click on it for more information, this metadata is what they get – so you need to make it interesting, enticing and effective – make sure the description draws people in and leaves them wanting to learn more.

Only using one online distributor

Anyone self-publishing a book probably covets Amazon – but there are many other online outlets available to distribute your book through, and if you limit your distribution to just one source then you are missing a massive opportunity. There are lots of platforms with very loyal customers and you should use them. Research which distributors specialise in the genre of book you’ve produced and use different options.

Rushing your book release

You’ve worked tirelessly on your book – so afford the finished product the gravitas it deserves! The book-production process is about quality too, so don’t be rushed into releasing your book for a deadline set by others. It’s far better to ensure the book is ready in all aspects than to meet a specific deadline – releasing your book before it is completely ready, in every way, will not only result in a unprofessional end product but, if errors have to be retrospectively corrected, incur unnecessary costs.  

The self-publishing process has many components – ensure that all are catered for in the best possible manner. There are a number of quality self-publishing book printers you can access, so use the best professional book printing services you can find.  


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