The Top Benefits Of Short Run Book Printing

The invention and wider use of digital printing has distinct advantages for book manufacturers. Book printing services are now able to offer short run book printing with a host of benefits for the manufacturers and their clients alike.

Cost effective small print runs

Previously book manufacturers were only able to offer long run printing services meaning that clients had to buy in bulk and pay for additional copies of books that they may not envisage needing in the future. This additional cost meant that many struggled with the affordability of using these services, either having to order large quantities of books that may not be used or find an alternative way to communicate the information they wished to have in print.

Short run book printing enables businesses to purchase a smaller amount of books at a cheaper price point, ensuring that they don’t need to pay for copies that they don’t need.

Avoid the cost of unnecessary storage space

Not only was cost an issue but larger print runs often meant that copies of books would have to be stored for longer – until they could be used. For companies with limited space, storing large numbers of books was simply not practicable or was again an extra expense, as storage space had to be rented to accommodate the extra books.

With a smaller run of printing, businesses can print exactly the number of copies they need that they have storage for at any given time. They are also able to calculate their consumption rate to ensure that they can adequately manage their stock in line with the space they have available to them.

Digital printing techniques makes for quick turnaround times

Book printing services are able to process shorter runs much more efficiently with the development of digital technology. The invention of digital printing has meant that print ready documents can be created easily, minimising the input of an individual and speeding up the overall process. A benefit to both book manufacturers and their clients.

Efficiently make updates to content and publish new additions

Shorter runs also allow for more frequent updating of content and minimise waste.

In the past, with longer print runs, new editions would either have to be less frequent or, stock would have to be discarded as new editions were printed again on a long print run. This would also impact on the cost of the procedure, either in terms of the total frequency of the longer run or in the cost of safely disposing of the out of date editions.

In comparison, if a client has a book that will require updating on a fairly frequent basis, a shorter run will enable them to make updates at the same time as they restock. The use of short run book printing will not only help from a cost efficiency point of view but will also help protect the environment by minimising wastage.


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