Questions To Ask Your Professional Book Printers

When you have completed your written work, you want to get it into print as quickly and professionally as you can – the likelihood is that you will try to source a custom print company that suits your project and will do your writing justice in producing a professional printed product. You need to consider aspects such as print quality, cost, and cover design – here are some questions you should ask a prospective print company before choosing whom to use:

Can I Have A Quote?

It may seem like a joke or obvious question to ask a book printer for a quote – but it is an important question! Costs are massively important when undertaking any services so establishing upfront prices is essential – ask your print company for a quote and identify clearly whether it is an estimated or actual figure they are providing. Developing a professional and honest relationship with your chosen book print company will stand you in good stead for any future business you may require.

Can I Have My Book Completed By A Certain Date?

If you’re planning a book launch or a promotional event you will need an absolute deadline date for the book to be printed – ensure that you print company can accommodate this date. Confirm what the print company needs for production to begin and when they need to receive these to enable the final print production date to be met.   

Is Design Support Offered?

Whether you are opting for a manual printing or digital book printing provider, if they are offering custom booklet printing services you should ask them for creative design assistance. Many custom print companies will have an in-house design service to help you with all aspects of design, layout, and final printed finish. Be aware that this service usually comes with an added cost so, again, establish these figures upfront.

Do You Appoint A Dedicated Service Contact?

In the preparation of publication there are different functions within your print company with which you will need to liaise – your print company should provide you with both a sales representative and a separate customer service representative. This will allow you to address different aspects of the process directly and quickly when necessary.   

In What Format Must I Supply My Files?

Your finished written work will be printed from appropriately prepared PDF files – confirm with your print company the correct file formats and sizes you need to create and submit to have your work printed. It is worth arranging to have a sample of your book submitted early in the process to establish the files are correctly set-up and the quality of the print image is satisfactory.

Why Use You?

Perhaps the most important question to ask – why your print service company? Your custom print project is important, so you want to ensure that the print provider you use is the most suitable for the job – ask your print company what is different about them from other print companies. Why are they the best choice to print your book – what is their unique selling point that sets them apart from print competitors?

Whether you want to self-publish children’s books, romantic novels, thrillers, short stories, or factual reference books you will want the final product looking professional on shelves or tables – choosing the best print company to produce your book is key to making that happen, so ask these questions, and be satisfied with the answers, before appointing a print company.

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