How to print a professional report

Many businesses from all sectors need to produce printed annual reports to provide information on finance, marketing and company performance for shareholders, investors, or any interested and relevant parties.

Here are some aspects of annual reports and booklet printing that may be helpful when considering the production of your company report printing: 

Your office printer won’t be up to the job

One of the main considerations in company report printing is whether it is alright to use your usual office printer or to opt for a special, higher-grade printer. In most instances, a print company can produce business reports including graphs, charts, and such, quite comfortably and professionally.

If you want to print annual reports that are to be distributed to investors and/or shareholders, then it may be worth considering sourcing a print company that can produce reports with embossing, UV coating or foil printing to give your company report a more ‘polished’, exclusive, and professional finish.

Modern digital printing is cost effective

Digital printing is a great option for company report printing or any business communications – it is a convenient and affordable printing method that produces high quality documents with a professional appearance.

Professional binding will create a high-end appearance

If you want to produce an impressive company report then it is always worth considering having your report professionally bound after printing. A well-bound booklet will look impressive and professional and complete the overall high-end appearance you are trying to convey. There are different binding methods you can choose from to suit the style of your document – depending on the size and format of your company report, you can opt for saddle stitching, case binding, side stitching, comb binding, and spiral or wire binding.

Create a report template or a format with flexible pages

If your report is in a format that you need to update regularly with extra content or pages, you should consider a printing format and a binding option that easily allows pages to be added, inserted, or removed without destroying the binding or spoiling the overall look of the document.

Professional print finishes can increase the durability

If you require your report document to be durable and long-lasting (maybe to be kept in files or library) then there are ways to extend the life of your printed report. Consider processes like UV coating, laminating, and use more durable materials for the print such as heavier, thicker paper and sturdy covers. These may cost a little extra but give your documents a higher quality appearance for a longer period.

The final cost will depend on materials and finish

There are many factors to consider in the overall cost of your annual report booklet printing – the standard and quality of the materials used (paper stock, ink, colours, graphics) and the actual printing technique chosen, will all influence the final cost, along with the binding methods and materials you choose.

Poor quality reports won’t impress recipients

There is always a balance to be struck between quality and cost! If you want to impress the recipients and users of your company report then producing poor quality printed documents for the sake of saving money will have the adverse effect – whilst budget is always important, if it is to the detriment to the impression you give to important clients or customers, and cheapens your company brand image, then the damage done to your corporate reputation can prove far more costly than the money you saved by opting for poor quality printed materials.

High quality business report printing can be achieved within an affordable budget from your printing company – it is always worth speaking directly with your chosen printer to discuss the options and the appropriate materials and printing methods to produce your desired documents.