Download a free Microsoft word book template

Writing a book, or short story, is a big undertaking – and any help you can get along the way should be considered. Often, it is not the content that presents problems for writers, but more the format and structure of the work – so making use of a book writing word template is a great idea.

A book template will provide the structure for any type of book you want to write and cater for the aspects such as page numbering, margins and title and content page layouts.

Here are some of the benefits of downloading a free Microsoft Word book template:


One of the big advantages of a Microsoft Word book template is that you almost certainly already have access to it! People who are writing any form of document, either for work or personal use, will most likely be using Word to do it – so you already know the format and how it works.


There are a lot of different apps available to assist you in book writing, but some of them can be quite complex and ‘cluttered’ – a Word book template is simple to use and follow, especially if you are a beginner, and it does incorporate facilities such as chapter rearrangement and detailed character profiles if you feel the need to use them.


Word’s home page contains a standard headings list – adapt and use these for your chapter structure. This will allow you to access any of the chapters, at any time, in any order.


A useful tool, as it allows you to bookmark a certain scene or paragraph – you may discover that you need to research this aspect more, or just need to work on another section temporarily, and this feature allows you to mark and return to that specific point at a later time.

Find and replace

This feature can be used to replace every occurrence of a word, or phrase, anywhere within the text. For example, if you suddenly decide that a character should be called James instead of John, then this facility will make the requisite change wherever necessary at every point in the book.


This novel word template is great for editing as you progress your book and when you’ve completed your work. Features such as comments, change tracking and document comparing are all essential functions for a book writing word template.

Grammar and spellcheck

Self-explanatory – you cannot complete your book containing basic grammar and spelling errors – this feature will ensure that all these aspects are correct. One tip – this feature will highlight these errors as they occur and can prove a distraction to thought process and momentum – perhaps turn this feature off as you are actually writing, then run the function at the end of the day’s work to make the corrections. 


There are different accepted manuscript formats for short stories, novels and other written works – use this feature to ensure that the format you have used is relevant for the type of work you have produced.

Obviously, the main aspect of your book is your own creative content – taking advantage of a book template tool will free you up to concentrate on just that important task!

We have created a range of free book templates to help you.


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