Benefits of self publishing a book

Have you ever dreamed of writing a book? Perhaps you have already made a start, want to make the next step but don’t know how to? Here at Print2Demand we know that you can do it! We have helped many writers like you, and can help to advise and provide all the information you need to begin in self publishing.

Whilst self publishing your book may seem daunting, engaging with the traditional publishing route might be the barrier that is stopping your personal progress. A traditional publisher will take on the risk of publishing your book and may therefore insist on making all the decisions about the final product. In this case, however, relinquishing control over the book’s title, cover design and formatting might seem a step too far for you.

That is why self publishing is a great way to publish a book. We’ve put together some of the benefits of self publishing to make you more confident and better informed about your self publishing journey.

A quick start up

With online sales and social media profiling being so adaptive these days, promotion and exposure to your audience is not the puzzle it once was. Where traditional publishers hold the key to your promotions, marketing and final sign-off, self publishing can mean a quicker turnaround for your book to come to market, reducing your ongoing costs. With all the decision making in your control, how fast or slow you go is up to you. And once you’re ready, you are not at the whim of a publisher to decide how long your book stays front and centre at the bookstore.

Approval needed

Willing to take a risk? If you are contemplating writing a book, then we know you are! With publishers being more risk-averse to ensure they cover their costs, this can leave budding writers with little leeway to stray beyond a publisher’s comfort zone. When you employ a traditional publisher, let’s face it, you’re indirectly paying them to produce your book. With self publishing, you can retain your creative integrity knowing that your efforts are sincere, whilst you might have to acknowledge the lack of paid-for editorial support.

Royalties galore

With the risk of self publishing sitting fairly and squarely with you, you rightly can expect a better return on your efforts. With a self publisher receiving royalties as much as five times higher than those from a traditional publisher, you know that risk can be well worth the effort. Again, all the decisions are totally within your control, so promotional efforts to seek out testimonials and reviews is a front-end consideration before the big launch.

Retain all rights

It’s a popular industry. Search “self publish childrens book” and you’ll see just how popular, and diverse, self publishing is. With novels, comics, photography collections or manual printing, every self publisher has complete control over their title(s), they own their copyright and reap the royalties to each, deciding on when and where it’s published, and exactly what direction they would like it to go in.

At Print2Demand, perfect bound book printing is at your fingertips and we have the know-how to deliver your premium product just how you envisioned it. In conclusion we aim to make the entire process less daunting, more exciting, and seek to ensure that you get what you deserve from your hard work. Read more here about self-publishing with us.