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Self Publishing book printer – Have you ever thought about publishing your own book but had problems going through mainstream publishers, or not wanted to give your hard earned royalties to anyone else?

Today, self publishing is easier, more practical and affordable than ever before, in fact, anyone can do it; all that’s needed is the book, the desire to get it published and the determination to follow it up.

Print2Demand the Self Publishing book printer are here to help you through the entire process of self-publishing, removing any obstacles (and because we’ve been in this business for a while, we know exactly what they might be), so that you can gain better access to success. We have an enviable reputation in the market-place for the high quality of books that we produce for self-publishers on our top of the range digital printing presses.

You have complete control over your title(s), own their copyright and reap the royalties to each, deciding on when and where it’s published, and exactly what direction you would like it to go in.

We can help to advise and provide all the information you need to begin in self publishing. In conclusion we aim to make the entire process less daunting, more exciting, and to ensure that you get what you deserve from your hard work.
For more information or to discuss your needs, please call 01525 621742.

Print2Demand benefits

Our team that has over 30 years’ experience, we believe that you should have full control over your book, unlike other self publishing companies, we don’t dictate to you on how it should be produced, it really is up to you:

Hard or soft back.

Colour / black and white / mixture (illustrations).
Any size.
Choice of paper.
Can use any font and any font size.
High quality printing.
Option for the entire process undertaken online.
Files stored securely.
Easy to reprint.
Dedicated customer service.
Fast turnaround times.

Even though the entire process has the option to undertaken easily online, we welcome and encourage authors to visit us, both for facility tour of our premises and for face to face advice, and you can contact us to arrange.


Did you know that Word files tend to look different on each computer, depending on your version and screen resolution? It’s for this reason that we discourage submission of Word files, and encourage manuscripts to be sent in PDF format, as the way it appears on your screen is exactly how it will appear on everyone else’s, so you can ensure it’s printed exactly as you wish. If you have any problems with this then please either type in “convert Word file to PDF” to a search engine, or contact us. If you do submit a Word file, please ensure it’s in the correct finished page size, with the margin sizes exactly as you wish.

Additional Print2Demand services

To simplify the process from screen to print, Print2Demand can provide extra services to you, at additional cost through our recommended list of designers and type setters:

Formatting of manuscript.
Cover design.
If you have no files, then we can scan a hard copy and create the files from there.

To find out more, please call 01525 621742.

Grammar tips

It’s quite easy for authors to lose their audience if they are not that attentive to their grammar, so we’ve put together a few tips based on the most common mistakes:

  • Always check what language setting your computer is in.  It might be English, but is it American English or UK?
  • Capitals should only be used for the beginning of sentences and proper nouns, e.g.: The Councillor wrote to the Government to raise a problem at his local School, where there wasn’t sufficient parking for the Cars. The only letter that requires a capital here is the T found at the beginning of the sentence.
  • In fiction, paragraphs should be indented by a tab, rather than distinguished by spaces between the lines.
  • To break up sentences, use one space, not two.
  • Use italics for the titles of books, songs, films etc.
  • It’s best to use italics if you’re stressing a point too, rather than capitalising, underlining it or putting it in bold, as these can be distracting to the reader.
  • Spell checkers aren’t foolproof so it’s always worth actively reading the document yourself, or asking for a proofread / edit from someone you trust, and we can undertake this for you and you can contact us for a quote.
    Please do not submit your images separately; place them within the manuscript in the order that you would like them to appear when printed.

Book printing

We have been providing book printing services to authors who wish to self publish for many years to ensure the ideal solution whether it’s 25 books or 5,000. This service is especially relevant to publishers who wish to produce a smaller run of books so that they can test the market before committing their budgets to a higher level of print.

In conclusion rest assured of the best print quality when you print with us. You have the choice of printing in black and white, full colour, or a mixture. We can also produce titles in soft or hard back, along with dust jackets and material covers. We can print any type of book, including the following:

Journals, magazines, periodicals
In-house training manuals
Thesis or dissertation

Therefore for a no obligation quote, please call 01525 621742.

Print2Demand turnaround

We provide a fast turnaround of materials, so that you don’t have to wait any longer to see your title in print:

From receiving the files, we aim to provide a first proof within 3 days
Once this has been approved, our customer services team will advise a delivery date to ensure you are in to receive your books
If you have a specific publishing date in mind, or a book signing arranged, then please tell us when you order and we’ll endeavour to meet this deadline.

Manuscript submission

There are several different ways to submit your work:

If under 20mb in size, we can accept it via email at
If over 20mb, files are accepted through the post on memory stick, CD or DVD, or you can send free of charge using or
The cover art submitted as a separate file to that of the manuscript.
The manuscript submitted as one complete file, in single page order from page one to the back.


Unless specified otherwise, we will print your title exactly as the manuscript has been submitted, so there are a few things to bear in mind before you send it through to us to ensure that you’re getting exactly what you want:

Manuscripts sent as one single document, not broken down into chapters or sections.
Page numbers – odd numbers should appear on the right-hand side.

New chapters should start on a new page. It’s better for us if this is achieved through a page break, which can be created through pressing Ctrl and the return button together.

Although you are free to use any font, we would usually use Times New Roman, size 11.

For best results, we advise that 15mm margins used around the page works well, but once again, the choice is yours.

Because we print exactly as submitted, please ensure that you have proofread your book before it goes to print – or better still, had fresh eyes look over it. Its surprising what you might miss!


The main thing to remember when using images is that the copyright has to belong to you, or you have to have obtained permission to use the images from the person who owns the copyright, e.g. from newspapers, the Internet, or other books.

There are a few other things to bear in mind:

Images for print have to be the best quality. If you have obtained permission from the copyright holder for an image that is from the Internet, then it may look great on screen, but won’t print well. Images have to be 300dpi.
If images are in colour, please ensure they are CMYK, not RGB.
Colour images cost more to print than black and white, and because of the printing process, we would advise that it is cost-effective to have images back on to each other, so only one sheet of paper needs using for the illustrations.

Therefore to check if your image is suitable for print, please call 01525 621742.

Cover art

People really do judge books by their covers, as do booksellers and distributors, so the better the finished product looks, the more likely it is to end up on the shelf and increase your chances of a sale.

Cover art submitted in PDF format and in CMYK, not RGB.
If you are using other people’s images, you must have the permission of the copyright holder.
Please provide cover art with the front, spine and back image as one single file, with minimum of 3mm bleed.

If you would like design creation, we can do this at extra cost. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Desktop Publishing Services

We print directly from the PDF files that you supply to us. Therefore not responsible for badly formatted or incorrectly submitted files. To ensure a seamless process through our workflow, please ensure files supplied to us are set to the correct trim-size. Furthermore in the order that you expect to see them once your books printed.

If you require any assistance with the Desktop Publishing (DTP) setup on the cover or inner pagination for your book. Then we can recommend a company whom we have worked with on numerous books. They would be able to help. They will supply files to the correct specification and provide us with print-ready PDF files. These will be hi-res output which will allow us to process your books faster. As a result delivering them to you without delay.

For any assistance with your pre-press files, please contact Nigel Austin at Pageset Limited on 01494 559924 or email and he will be happy to discuss your requirements in more detail and provide you with a quotation for any work involved.

Self Publishing book printer Print2Demand are happy to advise you along the way call 01525 621742.

Self Publishing Book Printers

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