A Quick Guide To Writing A Book

Writing a book is an ambitious task as is writing a quick guide to writing a book. Anyone can write a book but can anyone write a good book?

In order to put yourself in the best possible position to write a good book it is helpful to think about the writing of a book as a project.

Create a project plan

When you are thinking about writing a novel it is not just the writing of your novel you have to consider. What is your end goal? Would you like to look for a publishing house to represent your work or will you be looking for book printing quotes to self-publish once your manuscript is complete?

It is imperative that you plan each stage of your book writing from conception to publication and beyond. Try to set realistic overall targets for the whole project and split each part of the process into a smaller section with its own deadline.

Plan your route and plot

It would be unwise to set off on a long journey without first planning your route. Writing your book without setting a plan may seem like the creative way to write but it doesn’t hold you to any deadlines on constrictions that you may need to keep you on track.

Planning ensures that your plot and your characters are more likely to remain consistent and believable – even if you like writing Fantasy novels…

Set writing goals

Within your bigger project plan you will need to set individual writing goals, daily word counts are an ideal way to stay on track even when you have writer’s block. They keep your aware of where you are up to and help you start forming the habit of writing.

Write at the best time for you but write every day

Some people write better in the morning, some people better at night. It’s important to know what time of day you are most motivated and most ready to write.

It is also important to write every day. Writing every day gets you into the habit of writing which helps stave off writer’s block and keeps your plan on track.

Seek regularly feedback

When you are approaching the end of your novel you need to get feedback. Ask someone that you know is reliable and is a good reader – if you have a suitable writing mentor they may be able to help proof your work and provide constructive criticism on plot structure and character development.

A Finished Manuscript

If you are approaching publishers bear in mind it often takes several rejections and many years to get published – don’t lose hope! Many people are now turning to self-publishing their novels and marketing their own works in order to get published much more quickly.

Book printers are very good on advising with any questions you may have regarding format and layout. It’s always best to price up a few different book printing quotes and decide on your favourite before proceeding with your purchase.

Think about marketing your book

Your finished masterpiece is at the book printers and is coming in hot off the presses – but what about your marketing?

There are many more ways to market your self published works than there used to be; look for opportunities to gain useful reviews, consider publishing an e- book on special offer through a reading platform, engage with local independent book shops for special events.


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