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Print2Demand binding advisory

Print2Demand binding advisory

Binding ? Perfect v PUR v Thread Sewn

Perfect binding is a widely used soft cover book binding method; the pages and cover are glued together at the spine. The fundamental difference between perfect and PUR binding used to be the adhesive used in the process until Planamelt. PUR is much more expensive than perfect binding too. Print2Demand have been using Planamelt for over a year and the results are fantastic.

Thread sewn is similar to perfect/PUR binding. Thread sewn employs multiple threads to sew the signatures together. The thread appears in the middle of a signature and the books are much more durable and lay flatter, the best binding method available. Print2Demand have invested in the very latest sewing machinery, which gives us the opportunity to offer our clients Sewn binding at a cheaper price than PUR. Therefore they benefit from our far superior binding methods in comparison to other UK book printers.

PUR a thing of the past due to Planamelt?s book binding strength

The most exciting breakthrough in glue technology for a generation?

Polyurethane reactive adhesive,?better known as PUR, has been the glue for the printing industry?s transition to digital print technology. Where conventional EVA hot melt glues struggled with digital printed papers, with glossy papers and especially with finishing oils used in the process, PUR would stick just about anything.

It offered a strong highly flexible bind on almost any kind of material. Because it works through a cross linking process on reaction to humidity, only small amounts of adhesive are necessary.

However, PUR is relatively expensive,?particularly when unused glue has to be thrown away, application equipment is expensive and needs attention because of the aggressive nature of the product and ideally books should be left to cure before further finishing.

Nevertheless PUR has been a breakthrough product enabling many with no perfect binding experience to begin producing perfect bound books, catalogues and brochures, using single-clamp binders.

Suppliers have adapted, fitting shallower?tanks to limit the amount of glue that is wasted, using nozzle systems that do not expose the glue to the air and developing new ways of applying the adhesive.

Print2Demand?s supplier has now come up with a much more powerful hot melt adhesive which tackles the problems that PUR avoids while also avoiding the problems that PUR creates. This is adhesive is called Planamelt.

The glue was first announced in 2015?and was taken up in Germany, Italy and other countries on mainland Europe. Its reputation has taken it across the Channel and over the summer of 2015 a number of trials took place at Print2Demand and different printers and finishing houses to confirm that the glue is easy to use, that the bind is strong and that there are no unforeseen drawbacks. None were found.

The company claims a bind strength of 13N/cm2, a figure at which it will be easier to tear the paper than remove the page from the spine. This has been upheld on a wide range of papers during the testing on a wide range of equipment from single-clamp to high end binders.

In contrast the Planamelt is benign. It can be heated to its operating temperature around 160?C and cooled and reheated without problem. EVA will over the course of time cook, burn and discolour. Planamelt does not do this.

The finished book can be handled after?an hour, though it will take up to 24 hours to go off completely, much faster than a PUR. It has advantages over the standard EVA product to: there is greater latitude in temperatures that the glue works out, and there is greater resistance to solvents.

This is even better than the new generation of micro emission PURs where there can be adverse reactions to plasticisers in inks or where there is a limited cure on very dry papers.

Print2Demand have been a Planamelt user for two years now.




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